About Label Magazine

A new industry platform showcasing the best in fashion, style, beauty, and lifestyle with brand building design and imagery.


LABEL is fast becoming one of Australia’s prime fashion and lifestyle titles. This premium quality, quarterly fashion publication appeals to today’s most powerful consumers. LABEL offers a fresh approach to fashion, dining and lifestyle. LABEL attracts new names, established prestige brands, and style setters.


LABEL is not left on newsagency shelves. Copies are presented to people who enjoy shopping for fashion, dining, accessories, and jewellery. LABEL sponsors fashion, business, entertainment, music, and film events. The magazine is promoted via selected print and electronic media including www.labelmagazine.com.au.

LABEL readers dine out, indulge in quality wines, drive beautiful cars, and live in stylish homes. LABEL is a showcase of Australian fashion, style, and lifestyle. Since launching in 2006 LABEL has gained market position by taking a fresh approach to Australian style. LABEL is a quarterly publication featuring fashion, dining, and the celebrity lifestyle.


LABEL is strategically distributed to reach high-income consumers in Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria. LABEL is presented to diners at high-end social events and luncheons, fashion launches, wine makers’ dinner, motor vehicle launches, and other major occasions designed to attract people who can afford to enjoy prestige products and services.


LABEL is proactive promoting the magazine, brand, and readerships through a number of industries and events relating to fashion, business, hospitality, entertainment, music and film.


Living Arrangements

Renting | 51%
Own Property | 34%

Average Monthly Buying Power

Clothing | $1,800
Cosmetics | $190

Age Group

14-17 | 4.3%
18-24 | 19%
25-34 | 34%
35-49 | 29%
50+ | 13.7%


Under 20,000 | 3.9%
20,000 – 29,000 | 14%
30,000 – 39,000 | 19%
40,000 – 49,000 | 19.1%
50,000 – 60,000 | 24.7%
60,000+ | 19.3%