Beauty News 1.  Thank Your Farmer Cruelty-Free Korean Beauty Products Post cleanse, quench thirsty skin with the best blend of botanical extracts. Niacinamide, licorice root extract, sodium hyaluronate, soluble collagen durdock and aloe leaf hydrate, promote clarity and radiance. $36.95, 2.  Stop the clock! timeblock has uncovered the magic of eternal youth. Their blend of green tea leaf tips extract, wheat grass and barley grass, algae, grape seeds, shiitake mushrooms, lycopene and tagetes (marigold) increases cells regeneration and repairs DNA damage. Developed by a Swiss research group, the plant-based formula is manufactured in Germany. A daily dose of timeblock contains the active substances from approximately six kilograms of raw food and three litres of green tea. $299, 3.  Get Beta Whether it’s stings, sunburns or pending scar tissue, DMK Beta Gel is formulated with vitamins, coenzymes, amino acids and proteins to sustain skin health and address the skin’s immune function. $139 from DMK Clinics nationwide, visit for more.  4. Soak Society Rose Wellness Soak Rose petals and oils combine to captivate your senses and repair the skin’s imperfections with the help of active Pink Kaolin clay and Himalayan pink salt. Pour a few tablespoons into a warm bath and stir until dissolved then soak for at least 20 minutes. You deserve it! $23.95, 5.  Shadow Play Collate your winter kit with Mary Kay’s Chroma Fusion Eye Shades. $14 per shade,
6.  Harper Cosmetics Bedtime Lipstick Infused with Vitamin E and natural vanillin extract, your pout will stay nourished as the mercury drops. $29,  7. Hair Repair Lendan PlexForte is a two-step treatment, repairing the hair’s strength and structure and further shielding it from colouring and lightening treatments. Wear and tear caused by styling will diminish – your hair loss will be prevented by up to 5000 brushes! Get the nourishment your locks deserve from $29.95,