Behind the Brand: Binny

In celebration of Binny’s tenth anniversary, Label meets founder Belinda Watson to understand her inspiration, creative process and the pieces you need in your spring wardrobe.

Where and how did Binny begin?

Binny started in 2008 when I couldn’t find anything fun and what I loved to wear to all the events my friends and I were attending – 30ths, engagements, weddings. After starting two brands from scratch for other companies and being involved in all sides of the business, from sales to design, I took a deep breath and decided to start in a dusty old garage in my share house in Tamarama, Sydney.

How has Binny evolved since its inception?

Originally created to satisfy an opportunity in occasion dressing, I now focus on two seasonal collections annually that tell a tale that is memorable to me. I started out with a tiny 12 piece signature collection that would easily fit back into my range now, which makes me happy as the handwriting is less trend driven and rather classic items I always will love. However, now I struggle to keep a collection under 50 pieces. This year marks the tenth anniversary of Binny, after years of doing everything myself I now have an amazing team helping me with everything from production and PR to packing!

Who is the Binny woman?

We recently sent out a questionnaire to our loyal mailing list clients. We found out the majority of our clients are 30+, mums and have an interest in all design from art, interiors, fashion – both high street to high end, from what they read to where they shop. She has a love of colour and print and appreciates the uniqueness and details.

Which fashion icons have inspired your designs?

I always adore the obvious such as Chloe, Dolce, Gucci. I am really drawn to the print-driven designers and trawling the international shows is one of my favourite pastimes. Always a bit eclectic with classic thrown in. My designs are mainly inspired from travel, art, books, life – it changes every time.

Tell us about your plans for our Spring wardrobes. What inspired your latest collection and what can we expect to see trending this season?

This year I have spent most of it planning a garden. And settling into my new number one role as a mum. It is our tenth year, so I really feel we are in full flower in more ways than one. Even more serendipitously florals are MASSIVELY back. Such a refreshing change after the relentless minimalism of the past few years. Finally, the pages of trend reports are full of colour, print, florals and fun. So, expect lots of pretty colour, spots and flowers. And always… prints!

What has been your biggest challenge as a businesswoman in retail and how have you overcome it?

Making all decisions solo and the pressure mounts as the business grows. But I have gotten a lot better at not worrying about it. The only thing that has helped with that is experience, making mistakes and learning from them. Finding the right people to work in the specific areas you need and finding the right balance has also proved challenging but so rewarding when the right person comes along.

 What piece of advice do you deem most relevant to fledgling designers?

Be unique.

Where do you go to recharge your design drive?

Back to the farm. Clear skies, crisp air, open fires and my family.

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