Tacoola swimwear is born and bred Gold Coast, and now making waves wherever there’s sun, sand and selfies.

The world of designer swimwear is a competitive and complex market. What better way to cut through than on the back, and body, of Kylie Jenner! For some that would be the pinnacle, but Gold Coast designer, Jeni Patch and her vintage-inspired  brand, Tacoola, it’s only just the beginning.

With a style that captures days gone by, in an ode to the vintage era, Tacoola has climbed the heights on the world stage, spotted on the svelte and sun-kissed bodies of influencers across the globe, including Audrina Patridge, Demi Moore’s daughters and the afore-mentioned Kylie Jenner.

Tacoola’s signature swimsuit, the Mai Mai, as favoured by Jenner, has since set a trend across the globe and led to unbridled success for the brand. Jeni says the brand has grown from humble beginnings and they’re dedicated to staying true to
their style and beliefs, which keeps the customers coming back.

“Ours is a story of an organically grown brand,” she explains. “We started small and we’ve seen overwhelming success in a very short time. Our first online swimwear collection sold out almost instantly.”

Named after Jeni’s white horse and meaning“beauty in the natural state of wild and free”,  Tacoola sets itself apart from the plethora of homegrown swimwear labels on the Gold Coast and Australia with its core design values and commitment to uality.

“We aim to design swimwear that transcends age and body shape. Our customers range from young girls and teenagers to mums with babies and little ones, plus everyone in between and beyond. Tacoola promises a designer swimsuit that is
flattering, comfortable and keeps it classy, yet allows every woman to feeling sexy and confident,” she says.

“The unique texture of our signature 70s knit fabric is loved and adored by all of our customers around the world. With its 100-way stretch it delivers a fit and shape that is flattering, pulling you in and adding a layer of confidence.” Cultivating a brand  that has a body image conscience, Jeni has combined her flair for design and her business know-how with a responsibility
to promote good messages for girls and women.

“I am a mum of three boys coming from a long line of women seamstresses with a flair for fashion and creation. Tacoola was  born from my desire to design for strong women and from my passion for vintage eras.”