A move to the epicentre of health and wellness, Bondi Beach, saw longtime friends Katia and Vera create Nimble Activewear. The founders discuss the finer details of fit fashion from patterns to purchase.

What are the biggest faults you noticed in activewear on the streets?

At the time that we were launching Nimble Activewear, we found that the choices on the market fell between expensive highend names, budget options that lacked the functionality of workout clothing and high tech brands missing a feminine aesthetic.

There was a real gap in the market for activewear that was equal parts technical and beautiful – activewear was not really providing value for the women who were wearing it. It was from this realisation that the idea for Nimble Activewear grew as we set out to create the pieces that we, as consumers, were looking for.

How does Nimble Activewear differ to other brands on the market?

Each Nimble Activewear collection is bounded by our central philosophy that truly functional activewear should never come at the expense of style. We dedicate an incredible amount of time and resources into the fabrics that we use as well as the design of our signature prints.

In terms of our fabrics, we work closely with one of the best technical fabric mills in the world to custom develop the fabrics used in our range – this ensures that there is consistency across our collections and also that each Nimble Activewear garment lasts the distance and does exactly what our customers demand from their workout clothes.

From sketch to sale, what process does a Nimble Activewear garment go through?

It all starts with the fabrics we use. We put a lot of development into our performance fabrics, which are specifically developed for us and our end use. After the sketching stage, we sit with our pattern maker who brings it all to life and patterns are sent to our local or off-shore manufacturers, where we then complete a sample run for all new styles. Once we are happy with how samples are fitting, our team & trainers in the community that we work with will give them a test run to make sure they are performing to our standards. Creating technical and functional activewear is really important to us so we ensure that all our styles meet this requirement.

Vera and Katia, you’ve both had such diverse careers. What skills did you implement from your previous positions to create Nimble Activewear?

We both bring very different skill sets and ways of thinking of the business. We find that our skills are really complementary and allow us to tackle different aspects of the business. We are also constantly learning from each other and building on our own skill sets. We also think differently and challenge each other to approach tasks and problems from a different perspective – we are constantly learning from each other and building on our own skill sets.

In the current economic climate, what reassured you that starting a retail business would be successful?

Regardless of the economic climate, I don’t think that there is any guarantee that a business, be it retail or otherwise, will be successful. Ultimately, we both saw a gap in the market and had the same vision as well as passion for the brand and just went with it.

To have a successful retail business in the current climate you need to be resilient, work hard and also constantly push the envelope and innovate your products as well as how you engage with your community – all things that we constantly try to make sure that we are doing.

What advice would you give to young women considering their start-up?

Believe in yourself and go for it! It is also critical to not be too focused on one path and not to develop tunnel vision. Often new opportunities can arise and you must be prepared to be flexible and change your path (or a part of it) if that is the right thing to do.

It is also a great idea to surround yourself with like-minded people or businesses. With social media, it is much easier to seek these people out and you will find that more often than not, they are more than happy to share their knowledge and be a part of your journey too. Not only will this provide a great source of inspiration but the support and advice along the way will be invaluable and will also help to keep you accountable to those big goals!

How do you hope to expand Nimble Activewear?

To keep growing our range, investing in innovative technologies and continue to empower women to get active and healthy. We have some exciting developments in the pipeline both domestically and offshore so stay tuned!

What trends are showcased in your latest collection?

Our latest collection is all about creating the yin and yang effect of an edgy yet feminine aesthetic. Hardened romantic elements with edgy florals and delicate soft hues of grey.

How do you like to break a sweat in your Nimble Activewear?

VERA: Nothing better than an early morning coastal run along the Bondi to Bronte track.

KATIA: A strong vinyasa flow class.

Visit www.nimbleactivewear.com for your fit fashion fit.