1 What was your industry background before launching UNE PIECE?
I was the Senior Marketing Manager for UBER in Australia. Before that I lived in London and was the Head of Brand Marketing for REVLON for the UK and Europe.

2 What market gap led you to establishing the brand?
The idea of a ‘One Piece’ swimwear label came from the time I spent living and working in the UK during my twenties.

In Europe, women don’t just exclusively wear bikinis – they have a repertoire of swimwear they take on holidays – which almost always includes at least one staple one-piece.

When I started designing the range, I talked to so many Australian women about what they wanted in a one piece. Overwhelmingly they said they wanted something that made them feel confident, and in turn, beautiful.

One theme that kept coming up was the issue of the Australian sun and how so many women (smart women) are wearing rash vests, which they thought were daggy and unflattering. So I took that as a challenge to see if I could create something truly beautiful in a one piece – and voila – the Original Sexie Rashie was born.

3 Tell us about your latest collection. What themes can we expect?
The Cap d’Ail Collection is named after Cap d’Ail on the French Riviera, and inspires visions of long languid days by the water with friends, enjoying fresh seafood and crisp white wine. The pieces are created with long lines, careful contouring and elegant twists to cinch in all the right places – designed to take you effortlessly from day to night by teaming them with your favourite palazzo pants, kaftan or flowing skirt.

4 How do you engineer the world’s most flattering swimwear?
Our products have been really carefully crafted and tested with many women. Our launch product, The Original Sexie Rashie has been through over 11 rounds of samples to get us to the product it is today.

It also has 28 pieces (rashies often have six) to be fully contoured and the best Italian SPF 50+fabric on the market. I researched and researched and researched until I got the perfect fit. I didn’t compromise.

5 What are the most flattering patterns and prints for different bodies?
I love a strong base colour with a print that isn’t too busy or too small. I loved creating our prints for the collection and addressing this exact challenge (making it look beautiful on the body as well as nailing the trend). Our stunning Botanical Floral Print was hand-illustrated bespoke for us.

6 How has Une Piece been received globally?
We’ve been thrilled with the way UNE PIECE has been received! Given we are an online-only brand, we have been overwhelmed to see sales in 39 countries to date.

I think the positive reaction can largely be put down to two things:

Firstly – the product is very special. When women slip on an UNE PIECE it makes them feel confident and empowered. They feel beautiful when they wear it. Only someone that owns an UNE PIECE understands quite how transformative it is when all you’ve owned before was a daggy rashie!

Secondly – I think the brand really resonates with women. We are a brand that celebrates women and their passions. We have a beautiful, clean and chic aesthetic but we are inclusive and I am actively supporting diversity of beauty at every touchpoint. We created a campaign and hashtag #unepiecewomen, which brings this to life.

7 What are your goals for 2018 as a brand?
We have so many exciting things to come; beautiful new products, a stunning new campaign and global expansion plans.

8 Where do you go for inspiration?
I find inspiration daily; in nature, at the beach, when I travel.

I also find inspiration when talking to women. I read every single customer service email and comment on social media and so I’m constantly listening to what the customer wants and needs.

Finally, celebrations (birthdays, holidays, Christmas) all provide me with so much creativity, conversation and inspiration.

9 What’s your favourite piece from the latest collection and where is your favourite beach to take it?
Ohhh…. in the latest collection probably the Botanical Floral Twist Sexie Rashie – however I can’t go past a classic black in the Original Sexie Rashie!

UNE PIECE is available online at www.unepiece.com