Founder of Why Knot Ties Vince gives Label an insight into breaking gender boundaries with his fashion forward  accessories brand.

What inspired you to establish Why Knot Ties?

I would love to give some awe-inspiring story of the label’s origin. However, Why Knot started on a whim and was a combination of a few thoughts and ideas. I have always been interested in the psychology behind fashion and how looking good (or even thinking you’re looking good) can give someone the confidence to tackle the day with an extra skip in their step and be a better version of themselves. Furthermore, I found it kind of crazy how bow ties had been pigeonholed into a formal accessory for guys. And a boring one at that.

Why is it important to breakdown bowtie gender boundaries?

Historically, gender has been a restrictive concept. Gender has decided what job you can have, your level of education, your salary, if you can vote, and definitely what you can and cannot wear. While we’re trying to mend a lot of burned bridges and breaking down the rest of those boundaries, like fashion, is symbolically so important. We are using the bow tie as a vessel for breaking down these traditional barriers, seeing you can dress up or down with it, and as an accessory is low-key extremely versatile.

Tell us about your subscription service. Why should we look to bowties more frequently as an accessory?

The Why Knot membership service is the perfect way to keep your wardrobe looking fresh. We have plenty of different subscription formats. So, if getting a new bow tie every month is a little over the top, then your membership can deliver less frequently; It is up to you. Considering how versatile our products are, you can easily find opportunities to add a bow tie to your collection. Hell, if you’re like me, you seemingly have a wedding or event every month.

What ties are trending this season?

Colour! This season is all about colour and patterns and I love it. You can really show your personal flair to your wardrobe.
Along with the addition of colour, retro is back. The 90s look, in particular, is making a comeback and has been used from the catwalk all the way to a Bruno Mars film clip. Basically, we have an excuse to dust off the overalls and chokers again!

How do you select your fabric and patterns?

When it comes to fabric and patterns, I like to include inspiration from my travels and places that I have been. I was lucky
enough to spend a few years working in the Caribbean and Central America (tough life, I know), and travelling I was able to embrace colours, styles and patterns from these places. As the label grows, I will look to include a range of different styles that are inspired by locations around the globe.

Tell us how we can create custom bowties online?

With our custom designs, you can submit an enquiry or even an image of what you want. All you have to do is fill out the form on our website and we can work together to get your perfect bow tie designed. These are great for a special occasion or a gift.
Many women have rocked a bowtie in their time.

Who wore your favourite red carpet bowtie look?

In my biased opinion, a woman in a bow tie is super sexy. The boss-lady look is an absolute winner. Diane Kruger at the Inglorious Basterds premiere was bigger than the film; she rocked a bow tie with suspenders and cut-off sleeves and looked awesome. Rihanna has also been known to rock out the bow tie tux look. Lastly, Janelle Monae also has a bow tie in her regular wardrobe and it is awesome.

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