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Serena Williams is the most successful tennis player – male or female – of the modern, professional era, with more Grand Slams than either Steffi Graf or Roger Federer.

Always a fierce competitor, her story – which began on the cracked public courts of Compton, L.A. – is also one of overcoming challenges through sheer determination, drive and talent.

In this innovative illustrated biography, Serena’s tennis is explored like never before: stunning graphics explore her serving patterns, signature power groundstrokes, and her movement – as well as showcasing her astonishing records, spanning over two decades in the tennis elite.

Drawing on conversations with Serena over the course of her career, and on interviews with those closest to her, this is the ultimate celebration of arguably the greatest tennis player of all time and, without question, a true global icon.

Style Sessions  by Kristin Todd

With women in the age of social media desperately trying to keep up with the digitally edited images all around them, it upset Kristin Todd that in her work as a personal stylist so many of her clients started their day feeling negative about themselves. In Style Sessions Kristin aims to change the way women feel about themselves by making style advice accessible to everyone.
Packed with insider tips, Kristin’s approach to dressing is fresh and led by taste and inspiration rather than rules. Kristin sets out to show women that being stylish isn’t about wearing the latest looks from the runway, it’s about building a wardrobe that’s an extension of your taste, your body and your lifestyle. Kristin Todd is a fashion stylist who has worked in the fashion industry for more than ten years. Kristin conducts personal styling sessions and workshops, hosts fashion parades and writes about fashion.

Chyka Celebrate by Chyka Keebaugh

In Chyka Celebrate, Chyka Keebaugh celebrates occasions from around the world and shares tips, inspiration and suggestions for hosting the perfect themed event.

Covering occasions as diverse as Chinese New Year, Eid, Jewish New Year, Mother’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve and Easter, Chyka shows readers how themed entertaining is done with minimum hassle and at low cost, independent of the location – all in her signature, accessible style.

Organised into thirteen chapters by event, each section provides creative suggestions for decoration, food and drinks, invitations and small gifts, and provides insights into the charming customs common at many of our holidays and festivals.

Beautifully photographed and illustrated, Chyka Celebrate is the perfect manual for themed entertaining in style throughout the year.


Elton John Cassell by Terry O’Neill

Elton John and iconic photographer Terry O’Neill worked together for many years, taking in excess of 5,000 photographs. O’Neill has drawn on his personal relationship
with Elton John to compile this revealing collection of images, from intimate backstage shots to huge stadium concerts, representing the very best of his archive, most of them for the first time.


By the Sea  by Barry Stone

By the Sea features more than 50 unique properties throughout the world that have their footprints on some of the world’s most wonderful beaches. Featuring a mix of residential homes, hotels, restaurants and cafes, each property has been carefully selected for its aesthetic value, history, and ambience, and their success in blending with, and adapting to, their enviable beachfront locations.

The wonderful photography in this book highlights the unique nature of each property and is a vital component in their selection. The accompanying text by experienced travel writer Barry Stone brings to life their individual stories. • A classy hardcover gift book showcasing more than 50 of the most unique beach homes, hotels, restaurants and cafes, in the world.

Only in Tokyo by Michael Ryan & Luke Burgess

Join intrepid chefs Michael Ryan and Luke Burgess on the best sort of culinary adventure tdash; one that could happen only in Tokyo. From daybreak to late night, discover the creative people and compelling stories behind the restaurants, bars and tea houses of the worldrsquo;s most exciting food destination. This is a book as much for people travelling to the city as it is for those with an appreciation of its special magic.


Butterfly on a Pin by Alannah Hill

Alannah Hill is a designer, author and stylist. For seventeen years she was the founder and creative director of the brand Alannah Hill, one of Australia’s most trailblazing and iconic fashion houses. In 2013 Alannah left her eponymous brand and in 2015 launched her new fashion brand LOUISE LOVE. Alannah lives in Melbourne with her sixteen-year-old son and beagle dog, Jack.

Wild Dives by Nick and Caroline Robertson-Brown

Wild Dives takes the reader to remote locations to experience some of the best, and sometimes weirdest, underwater spectacles and adventures from
amazing destinations around the world: sharks in The Bahamas, exploring smaller critters in caves and on wrecks and reefs, swimming with Giant Manta
Rays in the Pacific and even going eyeball to eyeball with whales.