Pinot Meow

Think you are the craziest of the pet crazy ladies? Think again. US pet brand Apollo Peak has come up with ‘alcoholic’ beverages just for your pet. Available in both dog and cat varieties, with names such as Pinot Meow and CharDOGnay. While these drinks aren’t strictly alcoholic, they do contain catnip (which can be a sedative for cats).

Tea time

Sophisticated and contemporary, this gorgeous range is perfect for every day, conscious living. And it’s just as cute as a bunnie!

Here kitty

We love, love, love this Perfect Plate from Jade + Amber. Hand edged in 22 carat gold on the rim and also 22 carat gold on the back circle of each plate, they feature a jet black handscreen printed intricate ink illustration of a perfect pudda.

Say sayonara to sugar

SUGAR has been getting bad press lately and, apparently, for good reason.

In large amounts, sugar is known to trigger weight gain, destroy the health of our teeth and gums, cause energy slumps, raise the risk of heart disease, affect our immune system and indirectly lead to diabetes. It can also cause premature ageing because it causes a reaction in the body that triggers the production of molecules that can damage skin and organs.

Tips to reduce your sugar intake

  • Cut down slowly on the amount you have in tea or coffee until you take it sugar free.
  • Use a natural, not an artificial, sugar substitute like stevia.
  • Get your sugar fix through fresh fruit (not dried, that is sugar-laden).
  • Go for a walk when you feel tired or irritable, rather than reaching for a sugary snack.

Guilt free coffee

Recent studies have shown that compared to non-coffee drinkers, coffee drinkers are less likely to have Type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and dementia. And it’s said that a coffee before your workout can help you burn more fat. Coffee drinkers may even have a lower risk of strokes.

My cup runneth over

From our fabulous friends at The Design Hunter, these beautiful handmade ceramics are individual pieces of art made with no modern machinery. Each piece is handmade and fired in a replicated wood Dragon Kiln simulating antique Khmer techniques as used by the Angkor Empire.

The O in smooth

Produced by Australian company ASM Liquor, VODKA O is a silky smooth quality vodka free from impurities. Triple distilled and carbon filtered, VODKA O’s award winning smooth taste is the result of being whey based. Unlike grain which can be gritty, whey creates a silky, creamy feel, delivering a super smooth vodka experience. Sugar free, gluten free and lactose free. All natural.
RRP $34.95, 700ml bottle. Visit