Why Label loves Miss Frankie

Kara, tell us about your industry background. What inspired you to create Miss Frankie?

I previously owned French Pink, a nail salon in Melbourne’s CBD, for 11 years. I absolutely loved my salon and had amazing clients, but in the back of my mind I’d always thought about doing something a bit different and creating my own brand. Working with nail polish every day, I knew the products well and noticed there was a gap in the market. When my lease was up last year, I decided it was time to take the leap and create Miss Frankie.

How did your work as a manicurist and salon owner educate you in what customers would want to see in an at-home range?

After 11 years of manicuring and only ever doing natural nails (never gel/shellac or acrylics), I noticed more of my clients wanting a non-toxic polish that still delivered salon-quality results. Ease of application was also important, so I chose a brush design that was flat and thicker to ensure an even, streak-free coverage.

What hidden nasties are in nail polishes and how can these affect our health?

The main ones to watch out for are dibutyl phthalate (DBP), formaldehyde and toluene. The toxicity of these ingredients is debated, but they have been linked to hormone and reproductive issues, allergic reactions and severe skin irritations. Why take the chance when there are alternative options that are so much better and safer for your nails?

Why was being vegan, five-free and cruelty-free important to you?

I wanted to create a brand that truly believes in what they preach. There is no need to have nasty chemicals in beauty products and it was important for me to show my customers that 5 free doesn’t have to compromise on quality. I was also fortunate enough to find a great manufacturer in Australia that shares the same values and could produce a vegan and cruelty-free product.

What is the story behind the Miss Frankie colour palette?

With my first shade release, I opted for popular neutral colours that make achieving the perfect at-home mani super easy. I also wanted to include a couple of on-trend seasonal colours, such as Perfect Stranger, which is a deep, moody grey, and Pool Boy, an electric blue. When summer came around I moved away from the neutral palette and released three bright shades: Send Hearts Racing, On Vacay and One Night Stand. I love choosing the colours and names for the polishes – they need to speak to my customers and be a bit fun and playful.

What nail trends should we look out for this season?

Deep cherry black, dusty rose and rich purple. I admire nail art, but I’m very much about keeping nails classic and sophisticated with a good, simple manicure.

What has been your biggest lesson learnt in transitioning from servicing clients to product design?

I think one of my biggest lessons was realising you can apply your skills in so many different ways. I’ve taken the knowledge I’ve gained from running a business and listening to my customers and used that to create a brand I am so incredibly proud of. Having a genuine passion and love for what you do will always shine through. I lost this in my previous business, but I now feel on the right path with Miss Frankie.

Who would you be most excited to see wearing Miss Frankie?

Honestly, I am genuinely excited when one of the mums at school drop-off is wearing Miss Frankie. But dreaming big, I would love to see Meghan Markle wearing “I Said Yes” – a soft, sheer pink – the perfect bridal colour.

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