Founder Rachel Holm invites Label into the world of aromatherapy.

What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of pure and natural essential oils. These oils are concentrated extracts from flowers, plants, trees, shrubs, resins and seeds. Essential oils are not only aromatic but are known for their therapeutic healing properties, promoting physiological, emotional and spiritual wellbeing hence given the name “Aromatherapy”. When applied topically, the Essential oils absorb into the skin, where it then penetrates the skin surface and enters the bloodstream, allowing the healing properties and effects to work inside as well as out. Inhaling essential oils can have many positive effects on the body, mind and spirit. As you inhale you breathe in particles of the essential oils that travel down the windpipe and enter the lungs which then carry into the blood stream allowing the healing properties to take effect.

Why did you explore alternative healing

In my early twenties I was having terrible female issues with extremely irregular periods, and after many visits to the doctors, specialists and having surgery, the issue still ongoing and no explanation for it. My cousin suggested I try her acupuncturist. On the first visit he started my period and a week later I went back, and he stopped it. We continued this cycle for a few months and I have never had an issue with it again and have gone on to have three babies naturally, which in my early twenties I was told having children will be very hard for me.
From here I did a lot of reading with self help books, I began meditating everyday and kept up a regular practice of yoga at least four times a week, but it wasn’t until I fell pregnant with my first that something really shifted for me. Being pregnant and a professional dancer definitely slowed things down for me and I really enjoyed and embraced the pregnancy and the change of life pace.
It was during this time I researched different Energetic healing courses and received different Modules of study plans but couldn’t quite commit knowing that I would soon have a newborn and how I would juggle with the baby and two years of study. Three months later, my firstborn was stillborn at 39 weeks and four days, three days off her due date.
It was such a devastating time, we were at the highest of highs and the next minute it had all been shattered and tipped upside down. But now more than ever, this deep internal drive to study energetic healing was calling, and a month later I sat in on an open day for the Diploma in Energetic and Spiritual Healing and my heart, as sad as it was at this time, sang and I knew I had to do it.
Doing the studies was absolutely amazing and so healing for me at that moment in time and, not only did I complete my Two Year Diploma in Energetic and Spiritual Healing, I also fell pregnant, shot a movie “Happy Feet 2”, had our baby girl Willow and still managed to get all my assessments and exams done. I think after what we had been through I felt, if I can get through that, I can get through anything.

How do you give back to families who have experienced pregnancy and infant loss?

When setting up Hanako, I knew one of the first things that I wanted to do was to donate a portion of each bottle sold to a charity that was very close to our hearts. We were very well cared for in Private Health when we lost Sierra, they immediately organised a grief counsellor for us where she helped navigate our way through this terrible time. We were guided so beautifully and well, and I was horrified to hear that not all families got that opportunity and that’s when I found “Bears of Hope- Pregnancy and infant loss”, a not for profit charity that helps to guide families during this devastating time and beyond, just as we had.

What studies did you undergo to understand nature’s healing properties?

I love studying and I think my studies will be never ending and a continuation on from what I have learnt so far. After finishing my Diploma in Energetic and Spiritual Healing, I continued further studies over in the USA in Aromatherapy and Apothecary, Natural Skincare, Kundalini Yoga Teacher training and, since returning home from the US, I have followed on in more studies in Advanced Aromatherapy. However, I also think you learn so much from experience and while the scientific side is important I am also huge on following my own intuition.

What was the first product you developed and how have you expanded your range?

Our first product was ‘Happy Tracks’, a blend created at the time for Willow who was only two years old and suffered from motion sickness. I had scoured many a store shelf trying to find something natural and couldn’t find anything, so I decided to make up a blend for her for the road. We were going on a six-week long road trip across the USA.
From here I began the I AM… range, which are our natural perfumes/body mists with an energetic purpose. There is one for all different states of being that not only smell amazing but also help support body, mind and spirit. They are a combination of pure essential oils, crystal infused spring water, gem and flower essences, bathed mantra and have an affirmation to set intention.
We also have a range of Mummy and Baby products, Essences and Meridian blends which encourage harmony and flow around the body (based on Traditional Chinese Medicine) they are a combination of pure essential oils in 100% organic jojoba oil, each one has a different affirmation to encourage further awareness and these blends get placed on specific acupressure points around the body.

What ailments can we overcome using Hanako products?

For targeting particular ailments the Meridian Blends are a great choice. If you suffer from headaches, migraines, stiff shoulders, lower back pain, sinus, bladder issues, stomach upsets to name a few, the ailment itself is the bodies way of saying “hey, I’m out of order over here”. You can read up on the different emotions and physical points and relate it back with one of the Meridian blends to encourage the harmony and flow around the body.

Tell us about tailoring Hanako’s Alchemy Kits to our specific needs.

The Alchemy Kit is a different kind of package, I love giving Healings but because of limited time with Hanako and little ones, I am not able to fit in many healings, so what we wanted to do was incorporate both the Hanako products and Healings together. This is where the Alchemy Kit came in. I can chat with you one on one and see what’s going on for you at present, I’ll then do an energetic tune in and see what comes from there then we choose what would be the best individual products to support you at this particular time. The Alchemy Kit includes an I AM… spray, two Meridian blends, an essence, a Sage or Palo Santo smudge stick and a crystal along with a personalized energy reading and tips to help shift and transform current personal challenges. I love the whole other level of personal connection this service offers between myself and the other soul.

Why should we consider crystals as a healer?

Crystals are great supporters, cleansers and balancers that can help to restore your energy field. The only way I think you can see for yourself is to try them and notice how your energy shifts. The beauty of crystals is that you can wear them by placing them into your pocket, bra, hand or handbag and no one has to know you have one. See how you feel holding it and feel how it heats up in your hand and how emotionally you feel calmer and centred.

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