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What if you could pour the aromas of a rosy summer day at sunset into a glass?
Moët & Chandon Ice Impérial Rosé is the closest thing to capturing the flavors of a golden pink
sunset in a champagne bottle.
Moët & Chandon Ice Impérial Rosé is the world’s first rosé champagne especially made to be enjoyed
exclusively over ice. Ice Impérial Rosé is, like Ice Impérial, a modern demonstration of the savoir-faire
and contemporaneity of Moët & Chandon, expressed in a new champagne tasting experience that
brings together pleasure and freshness.
The vibrant and fruity bouquet of Ice Impérial Rosé is an ode to a burgeoning summer romance, or a
toast to friends getting together to raise a glass to the setting sun. Gleaming in its vivid pink color
brightened by golden highlights that enhance its vibrant and fruity bouquet, in a single sip of Moët &
Chandon Ice Impérial Rosé, fragrant with scents of fragrant red berries and nuances of juicy summer
fruits, fig, nectarine and an appetizing note of grenadine.
Its assemblage consists of a majority of Pinot Noir (45 to 55 percent, of which 10 percent red wine) that
gives it an angular and vinous aspect. The Pinot Meunier makes up 35 to 45 percent (of which 10 percent
red wine) for a round and fleshy aspect, adding richness and middle notes of harmony and suppleness.
Finally, the Chardonnay limited to 5 to 10 percent adds a polished acidity for a refreshing finish.
The “perfect serve” of Moët & Chandon Ice Impérial Rosé, according to Moët & Chandon Cellar Master
Benoît Gouez, begins with a chilled glass into which champagne is poured first and to which three ice
cubes are added.
On impact, the cubes release an explosion of intense, fruity aromas and vibrant flavors, thanks to
Moët’s singular “on ice” savoir-faire. The Maison has created a unique blend of champagne grapes
that is enhanced when served on the rocks.
Moët & Chandon Ice Impérial Rosé is the champagne of choice for those who are looking for a chic
new way to drink champagne, more casually perhaps, but always with panache.
With summer just around the corner, Moët & Chandon Ice Impérial Rosé will be released online at
David Jones (exclusive retail partner) from  September 2018 at $90 RRP.
It will also be available in selective bars and restaurants at $150 RRP.


70s fashion led the path to a world of exploration. Bold & colourful.

Paul Taylor created this collection with this in mind. “be bold” is his mantra for the brand

Well hello DOLLY! You will feel super glamorous in this design. Her large rounded upswept style a definite head turner!

All of Paul Taylor’s are made with the highest of quality with the use of materials and compents from the Italy & Germany. The lushest coloured Italian acetates look best in the bold Paul Taylor designs.

This LIMITED EDITION 70s inspired collection has been made here in Australia where each frame is stamped in cronulogical order making this range a truly boutique collection.