The Art of Jewellery: Meet Eliise Maar

ELIISE MAAR JEWELLERY is known for its luxe-minimal aesthetic, growing a fast fan base since its launch in 2015. Born in Estonia, Eliise brings a unique quality to her handcrafted pieces, which celebrate her roots and are inspired by her surroundings, architecture and geometry. The Melbourne-based designer divulges her methods, materials and the jewellery trends of the season.

Where did your jewellery design journey begin?

A lot of experimenting with different things to find what I’m truly passionate about. I did a lot of ceramics and painting in the beginning, then started making jewellery as wearable art from all sorts of materials handy and been evolving ever since.

What was the first piece of jewellery that made you fall in love with the industry?

It was the simplest little silver ring that we made together with Victoria Mason. She showed me how to solder the wire and I just absolutely loved the intricacy behind something that simple.

How would you describe the ELIISE MAAR aesthetic? 

I think my jewellery can be styled in many ways. You can get that really minimal and strong look and also when stacked and layered it’s like bohemian chic.

What inspires your pieces?

A lot of it comes from what I’m surrounded by in everyday life- nature, architecture, geometry.

What process do you follow when creating your pieces?

I do a lot of daydreaming, I must admit. I explore before putting anything on paper or starting to make something. When creating a piece, I follow my instinct and trust my judgement. There are a lot of designs that never see the public eye.

What makes your methods unique?

I would say the textures I add to the rings are unique to my designs. Every texture is unique and handmade by me and not replicable.

What are some of your favourite materials to work with?

When creating a piece, I love working with wax – it’s an inexpensive way to test out designs in 3D before committing to anything. From metals, I’d say platinum is my favourite. I love the colour and strength of it.

Which stones are most on-trend this season?

For me they have been black diamonds and Morganite.

What is your favourite way to style pieces from your latest collection?

I love mixing and matching the textured pieces with either more simple and smooth styles or with gemstone bands. I think the gem bands compliment the Frost texture really well and balances the whole look by adding a bit of lifting sparkle as a contrast. My favorite at the moment is the Lavish Fine Black Diamond Band, I wear it as a pinky ring.

Who would you be most excited to see wearing ELIISE MAAR and why?

I think anyone who shares my brands values; wants a locally made and personalised unique piece of jewellery that lasts a lifetime. In terms of style, if I had to pick someone specific, then Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine is supercool.

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