Founders Aaron and Phoebe tell Label how their passion for mixology evolved into Happy Skincare.

1 What inspired you to create your own skincare range?

In our lives we were reducing our toxic load and switching to a more natural lifestyle and Phoebe was pregnant at the time. Aaron whipped up a sensational stretchmark/belly cream and from that moment we were hooked and became weekend mix-a-holics. We were a little audacious but we saw a gap where more high quality, affordable natural skincare was needed and we went for it.

2 How does Happy Skincare differ to your typical supermarket brand?

With Happy Skincare, you get a completely personalised skincare experience. By being online it means we can teach you all about your skin type and you get to know us at the same time. Our customers have the complete confidence of knowing that if they need any help at all, the product creators are only an email or phone call away. Everything we use has a reason and the super star ingredients are used at efficacious levels (so our products actually give you great results!).

3 What was your first product and what process did you go through to get it into production?

Our first product never actually went into production – it was a belly balm for Phoebe’s growing pregnant belly. But that belly balm did morph into the Anti Ageing and Repair Cream, which was our first product which actually made it into the big wide world. We used a contract manufacturer to help us create and manufacture the first cream, but these days we do everything in house so we can oversee every single detail and make sure everything is absolutely perfect.

4 What has been your biggest challenge as a beauty entrepreneur and how have you overcome it?

Getting noticed. It is without doubt one of the most competitive markets in the world. A new brand seems to pop up every day. We overcame it by being the tortoise (slow and steady!) and treating people the way we would expect to be treated.
We keep our business lean and costs down, which means were able to keep working away at building Happy Skincare for years before we became profitable.

5 What is your skincare philosophy

Our philosophy is natural, safe, vegan, cruelty-free, Australian made products that help your skin. Our star ingredients would be MSM (a form of mineral sulphur) and our native Australian extracts. We are now getting to use great Australian flora like Emu Apple, Quandong, Illawarra Flame Tree and Snowflower, which is very exciting.

6 What can we expect to see from Happy Skincare in 2018? 

This year we are working on some new products and hopefully get a hair care range up and running, as well as giving some of our old favourites a facelift too.
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