Watching Reese Witherspoon’s cinematic evolution from her Tracy Flick to her Madeline Mackenzie has cemented her status as our golden girl. With every new release, her audiences can’t shake the anticipation of where her ever-evolving talents will take her characters next. Label relives five fan favourites starring the stage darling.

Big Little Lies

If you are yet to watch BLL, please cancel your meetings for the next week, go home, put on your tracksuit and get ready for the most epic tale of friendship, love and loss (potentially) of all time. Reese plays the role of Madeline Martha Mackenzie. Everyone knows a Madeline. She’s all sass, a loyal friend and tends to know everything about everyone. She’s explosive, protective and doesn’t let a bad attitude slide by without addressing it with wit and tenacity. Stay tuned for Big Little Lies’ return to our screens with season two.

Legally Blonde

Elle Woods is the hero of every girl who has been doubted by her peers, partner and teachers. And if you haven’t seen it, please follow the directions stated above, and maybe add it a pizza order because there’s a sequel. Reese pours her internal fire into Elle, who has just been dumped by her presumed fiancé-to-be and takes revenge by getting herself into law school alongside him and his latest love. By embracing the power of her femininity, which she has been penalised for previously, Elle doesn’t compete with the boys by playing on their level. She uses every tool in her Barbie-blonde arsenal for success in the court room.


It’s arguable that Tracy Flick has been hiding inside Reese since this iconic film aired in the late nineties. An adaptation of Tom Perrotta’s book of the same title, Tracy is all about ambition in her high school student body president election. Ruthless in her tactics, Tracy resorts to bad sportsmanship to get the job done and eventually dodges punishment and wins her dream role. With her resume polished, Tracy goes to Georgetown University and later lands a role alongside a republican congressman. Despite Tracy’s misfit nature, she harnesses more power in her 1.56m frame than a missile. We think.


When we heard a movie titled Mud would star Matthew McConaughey, we were all ears (and eyes). A man on the run, Matthew’s character hides on an island in the Mississippi River from bounty hunters who want revenge for a murder he committed in Texas. But all Mud wants is Juniper, the love of his life, played by our girl Reese. Swoon. The man Mud murdered impregnated Juniper and later pushed her down a flight of stairs. A grittier role than we are used to from Reese, Juniper is a down-trodden woman with nightingales tattooed on her hands; she is that little bird with a broken wing looking for her freedom.

Hot Pursuit

Reese transforms herself into Rose Cooper to star opposite Sofia Vergara in this cop comedy. Having grown up with Reese being the bombshell, Rose is her aesthetic alter-ego. Think a low-slung ponytail, orthopaedic shoes and a mental complex bestowed upon her by her deceased father’s success on the force. Taking every hilarious insult from Sofia’s character Daniella in her stride, the pair form an unlikely partnership and defeat the bad guy. Rose taught us that no matter how short you are, or how big the shoes left for you are to fill, you can achieve anything with the right amount of confidence.

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