Warm up your winter abode with hues of rouge

Anima Causa Sunnyside Egg Shaper

No sunshine? No problem. Your fry pan fare is ready to break up the clouds.
$12.99, www.animicausa.com

Design3000 Erdbeer-Ausstecher Sweet Heart

Give your strawberries the sweet treatment with your fondue kit’s favourite accessory.
$14.60, www.design-3000.de

Smithers of Stamford Tractor Bar

Bring the farm to the kitchen with Smithers of Stamford’s tractor bar featuring a grill, glass worktop and headlamps.
$3440.80, www.smithersofstamford.com

MiaFleur Watermelon Salt and Pepper Shakers

Shake up your condiment display with this fruitful pursuit.
$31.20, www.miafleur.com

Ciotola Text-Mex Assortita bowls

The perfect dish for your assortment of sides on taco Tuesday.
$9.24, www.eprice.it/p/scopri-i-prodotti-excelsa

Add some star to your bar with the Pretty Homestyle Espresso Cup.
$7.50, www.prettyhomestyle.com.au

The Oak Room Toadstool Nutcracker

Nothing makes chestnuts by the fire more endearing than a forest themed nutcracker.
$8.65, www.oakroomshop.co.uk

The Legnoart Trivet With Porcelain Bowl keeps the hot stuff off your table with a bench top storage solution that will never leave you questioning where your trivet is hiding.
$50, www.quirksy.com.au

Sisters Guild Thermo with Plastic Weave

Keep your mulled wine feeling fine in the season’s go-to thermos.
$103.99, www.sistersguild.co.uk

Cartoon Club

Pour into Helen Dardik Melaminbecher’s Wolf & Hund cup creations for your pet festivity project.
$10.12, www.takatomo.de