Ewelina, founder of Polish skincare sensation Resibo has struggled with acne for years until a tip came in from the Asian beauty market. Cleansing with oils has been practised since ancient times but only recently has the routine been adopted in the west. “I thought this method could work for me,” Ewelina said. “I couldn’t then find any cleansing oils on the European market and it was too hard to order from Asia.”

This is when Resibo was born. “For more than a year I was working on an ideal recipe – I blended over 60 oils and essential oils in different proportions,” Ewelina said. “When I thought I found the perfect one, I asked my sister to try it on herself as I wondered if it would also work for others.”

An instant fan, Ewelina’s sister was delighted with her results and the focus group was expanded to her network of friends and family. “After a few months those people started to come back to me and were actually willing to pay for more,” Ewelina said. “That was a signal for me that my idea might become a business; I could create a product that was missing on the market,” she said. “Now, Cleansing Oil is the bestseller of Resibo.”

Resibo was created out of love for nature and a rebellion against the hidden nasties in common supermarket shelf products. “From the beginning, my goal was that our products were as natural as possible but also safe,” Ewelina said. Using certified natural preservatives, the 100% vegan and cruelty-free formulas are also PETA certified. “It is very important for me Resibo skincare was vegan, as I see no reason that we feel prettier at the expense of animals,” Ewelina said. “The product packaging is made by easily biodegradable material and there are no metal parts,” Ewelina said. “Additionally, the outer tube can be reused in many ways as for example a pencil holder, brush holder or container for cosmetic pads.”

“Eco-friendly also means some kind of minimalism,” she said. “Fewer products bought, but of the best quality; using the product to the very end (our airless tubes help that) and the possibility to reuse the box or to recycle it.”

Ewelina believes high-quality natural cosmetics offer more active ingredients, making them more effective. “Very often people who switch to natural care notice a bit of skin irritation at first, but as it passes after a couple of days they can see how the skin condition improves significantly,” Ewelina said. “The initial irritation is just the reaction to such a concentration of active ingredients.”

“Our naturally smoothing serum is a great example that we are working super hard on the recipe and we don’t stop until we find an ideal one,” she said. “Our serum was meant to appear with the beginning of the brand, but we weren’t 100% happy with the formula.” A decision was made to postpone its unveiling by a year to work on the formula, which is now one of the brand’s best sellers.

“The secret of serum is a combination of many different oils and extracts as well as an addition of a stable form of vitamin C, which all together gives great results- firm, shiny skin, brightened and visibly tightened,” Ewelina said. “That anti-ageing effect is visible on many levels, and what is responsible for the [anti-wrinkle injection] effect is a special kind of lavender called butterfly lavender, which relieves muscle tension and relaxes the whole face which prevents wrinkles.”

Another plant that intrigues Ewelina is Pistacia Lentiscus. “This tree only grows on one Greek island called Chios,” Ewelina said. “You can also find this extract in the serum because it is responsible for firming and filling the skin as it activates the production of youth protein.” Known to be a natural alternative to botulinum, Pistacia Lentiscus stimulates beta-endorphins, relaxing facial muscles and delivering a hit of antioxidants for silken skin texture.

As the cooler months arrive, Ewelina knows hydration is key. “In winter I try to nourish my skin more and protect it against wind and cold temperatures,” Ewelina said. “I recommend first of all our nourishing cream – in winter it will help many people for the day as well as for nighttime, so will the nourishing body lotion,” she said.

Recommending the Smoothing Serum for day and night use, Ewelina suggests mixing it in with your favourite face cream or foundation.

“In winter it’s worth treating ourselves to a home spa – use enzymatic peeling and after put a mask on for a whole night made of a mixture of nourishing cream and smoothing serum.”

Despite the brand’s Polish roots, Ewelina believes problem skin is global. “I created skincare that is universal and multifunctional, like a diverse diet, therefore our cosmetics are not based on one ingredient,” she said. “At every stage of our life our skin needs proper but delicate cleansing, hydration and nourishment, however, there is much more sun in Australia than Poland and that is a reason we are in the process of preparing a day cream with high sun protection of SPF50.”

Boasting a mineral filter that skips to the ghostly sunscreen look, the ultra absorbent formula won’t leave a greasy film on the face. “Ideal for every day and under makeup or not, I have never come across anything like it,” Ewelina said. “So, as you can imagine I am very excited about this coming project; we are still working on its formula, but I can tell you now it should be ready at the beginning of 2019.”

Looking to the future, Ewelina wants Resibo to offer more than just face care. As the brand is introduced to the global beauty market, Resibo will bring fresh ideas to the industry. “The key to success is looking at wider trends, population and society, culture and generally at which direction the world is heading,” Ewelina said. “That enables us to create a product that not only meets the expectation of our customers but actually exceeds it.”

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