Crystals from left to right: Rose Quartz Square Trivet RRP $149, Howlite Bomboniere RRP $13.50, Borealis Labradorite RRP $105, Smokey Quartz Bomboniere RRP $12.50, Labradorite Circle Tray RRP $235, Fluorite Bomboniere RRP $13.50

Stoned Crystals founder Ashley Bellino reveals the benefits of crystals in your living space, beyond their aesthetic glory

What was your first encounter with crystals and what captivated you about their properties?

Over the past few years I have lent myself to the spiritual side and crystals were a natural progressions from my love of yoga and meditation. Under the direction of somewhat of a spiritual mentor for me, I visited a crystal city looking for crystals to incorporate into an old jewellery label I had back in 2015. I learn to feel crystal energy for the first time and also found that there were very few websites that clearly explained what crystals are, how they work and how we can incorporate them into the modern day lifestyle.

Why should we include crystals as a part of a holistic approach to wellbeing?

Crystals have been used for their powerful healing properties for thousands of years. At an atomic level, our universe is in a constant state of vibration. Crystals emit high frequency vibrations and are extremely good at holding a stable vibration due to their crystalline lattice structure. We, on the other hand, are a very complex mix of vibrations that can easily be disturbed and become unbalanced, which makes us feel sick and unwell. All kinds of things can affect our vibrations, from external influences such as electromagnetic and geopathic stress, to internal ones such as a constant negative thought pattern or suppressing emotions. If for nothing other than their tactile benefits, rolling these shapes around in our hands releases our minds from the more mundane and automatic reactions we have to almost every object we pick up these days (I.e instantly unlocking your phone when you pick it up).

What are the most common misconceptions about crystals?

Crystals have for so long been boxed in as ‘hippie’ and the jargon surrounding it has made them difficult to understand and ultimately undervalued by the mainstream. Crystals are starting to make a comeback and are slowly finding their way back to the people. Stoned Crystals homes to facilitate this shift by testing the conventional use of crystals by making them more accessible and more fashionable in the modern world. Even if you don’t subscribe to them in an energy sense, Stoned Crystals is paving the way for people to see the obvious benefits of decorating our spaces with crystals as a natural object, just as we do with office plants and windows.

For crystal newbies, where does one start in their mineral journey? Whether you are online or in-store, read the properties that each crystal has. Each of our Stoned Crystals comes with a unique energy card, which clearly shows the properties of the crystals and even has a little blurb about the crystal on the back. After reading about each crystal, pick one which has a message that resonates with you and your journey and perhaps what you are looking to focus on in the near future. Many people say crystals choose us and you may often feel drawn to a particular crystal, maybe the colour or a glint in the stone will draw you in and make you feel a connection with the natural object. In saying this, if you are still very unsure and want to get your collection going, the Clear Quartz is one of the best first crystals to begin with. It is a master healer and generator, which means it also helps to charge other stones. Another cool fact: clear quartz is one of the only crystals that refract light and bounce rainbows off the walls!

How do you take care of crystals?

To ensure our crystals are working at their best it is important that we follow a 3 step-process when caring for our crystals. CLEANSE, CHARGE AND ACTIVATE. Cleanse crystals in salt water or pass them through incense to eliminate negative energy. Charge your crystal under the sun or moonlight to re-energise; the Full Moon for an extra kick! Activate your crystal by setting an intention for you stone. Remember; what we think or believe about ourselves and the world becomes our reality. We have also developed an Intention Card Deck that is a 101 for Crystal Care and a beautiful decorative piece to accompany your crystals in the home and workspace.

How do you personally use crystals in your daily life?

I try to reflect every morning and have a moment of stillness or meditation before starting my day. I use my crystals to concentrate on my intentions for that day and what I choose to manifest into the world around me. By placing them around the home they then act as reminders to keep my thoughts and actions in line with my intentions. Where do you source your crystals? Stoned Crystals are A-grade, born in Brazil and Madagascar and raised in Australia. Our HQ, founders and design teams are Melbourne based and we sell Stoned Crystals into the International marketplace, with stockists throughout Australia, New Zealand, United States, Asia and Europe. Our expert lapidists (stone cutters) have produced thousands of crystals in all sorts of geometric shapes and have it down to a fine art. Each crystal is hand-cut and polished to perfection.

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