After gastric sleeve surgery with WeightLoss Solutions Australia, Kaz Dalton has realised a life-long dream.

For many years, Kaz Dalton would look at her expanding waistline in despair. Weight-gain over the years had impacted on her life in many negative ways, but none more so than her fertility.

These days, her expanding waistline is a source of joy, and she says she owes it all to life-changing gastric sleeve surgery.

“After three years of trying to conceive and struggling with a few issues such as PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) and a few other hurdles, we were told the very sad news by our GP that conceiving would be extremely hard, if not impossible,” Kaz says. “Our only option was IVF, but it was also mentioned that my weight was also a huge factor and was possibly one of the other reasons conceiving was extremely difficult.

“My husband and I had a conversation about spending money on IVF or looking at addressing the weight issues, and seeing if that would help address any of the fertility issues.

“After looking into the IVF options and also gastric sleeve, we decided that the best option was to work on health first: lose the weight and see if that assisted with fertility.

“In May of 2015 I underwent gastric sleeve surgery.

“I was advised to wait a minimum of 12 month’s post-op to even begin trying, so 14 months after surgery we decided to start trying for a baby.

“Despite being told I may still have to go to IVF, we hit the jackpot and I fell pregnant our third month trying!

“I am 100% confident that addressing my health issues with the gastric sleeve, helped in fixing my fertility issues. And thanks to my sleeve and mindfully eating – I’ve only put on a healthy 6.5 kilos during pregnancy, so my midwife is very happy with my progress.”


  1. Heed the advice of the surgeon and do not try and get pregnant within the first 12-18 months. I’ve seen so many stupid decisions made post op by people wanting to have a baby and choosing to ignore the advice of a trained medical professional. The best thing I did was wait! Mentally, physically and health wise it set me up to win.
  2. Don’t Google advice about Gastric sleeves and pregnancy. Most of what you’ll find is uneducated guesses. Talk to experts. I am so thankful to WeightLoss Solutions Australia, that they have a team of people that can answer all questions.
  3. Continue to be mindful and use what you have learned about mindful eating throughout your pregnancy. You will notice your restriction change a little in your second trimester and may be able to eat slightly more, but if you are mindful about real hunger and your choices, you will have the best and healthiest pregnancy ever! And yes, you will always have enough to feed and nourish your unborn baby.


“The WLSA team are all cheering the arrival of baby Dalton! I think we are almost as excited as all the extended family who are in some way linked to this gorgeous couple.

“Kaz has the most incredible positive personality that lights up the room wherever she is. As a patient of WLSA we loved every minute of sharing her weight loss results following her sleeve gastrectomy; her insight and humour and know that parenthood will be a wonderful continuation following on from successful weight loss.

“What could be a better achievement? Such a powerful message to share with so many couples who would love to be in the same boat.

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