Label meets Romp Squad founders Filip Odzak and Tully Challen to talk this year’s must-have wardrobe item for men.

1 What was your first encounter with a male romper and how did it make you feel?
Filip: I have been a fan of the “one-piece” for a very long time. My personal wardrobe consists of many overalls, dungarees etc so jumping into a romper was blissfully comfortable for me.

2 Why is it important for men to have access to this garment?
Tully: Although it’s barely new (rompers had a huge rise in the 1970’s), it is fresh, fun and an exciting area of men’s fashion. It’s great that guys get to play with something new again.

3 What inspired your vibrant patterns and how do you select your fabrics?
Filip: Rompers are quite outlandish – the print needs to convey that. It’s festival wear that you throw on with your mates. So while sourcing and designing the prints, we opted for some in different colour-ways you could match up with a friend. We kept the colours fresh, the prints Summery and tropical, and all 100% cotton because everything else on the market is overpriced and synthetic.

4 What can we expect to see from Romp Squad in 2018?
Tully: The ranges will expand. Our shirting launches in February, and it will evolve from there. Romp Squad is all about good times, great feels.

5 If you could get any five men into the Romp Squad, who would you pick?
Tully: Well these three pioneered it: Steve McQueen, James Deane and Roger Moore.
Filip: Patrick Stewart coz we already know Capt. Picard looked good in a one-piece starfleet uniform. Can I get a 2 for 1 if I say Stenmark twins?

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