Vacay Swimwear

Vacay Swimwear founders Jordy and Corey speak to Label about the breaking into the design market, the destinations that inspired their pieces and injecting vibrancy into men’s swim style.

Where and how did Vacay Swimwear begin?

Corey: Vacay Swimwear all began in our last semester of university, when Jordan and I both really struggled to shop a good quality pair of swim trunks that not only fit well but were unique and high quality. It all initially started for this reason… to be able to dress ourselves! It wasn’t until people started to take notice of the shorts we were wearing that we thought; “Hey why don’t we start our own brand?” This is when Vacay Swimwear was born.

Who is the Vacay Swimwear man?

Corey: The Vacay Swimwear man is one that isn’t afraid to step outside the square and experience life on his terms. He is confident, charismatic and takes immense pride in his appearance… especially in his swim shorts.

Which fashion icons have inspired your designs?

Jordy: All designs are strongly inspired by the destination they are named after. An exmaple of this was when I was traveling through Monte Carlo and noticed a lot of pink and white striped sun umbrellas, it was from then, the elegance of the pink and white classy striped Monte Carlo print was born! I believe that people have a stronger connection with travel destinations rather than fashion icons themselves. For this reason, we carefully think of our designs from iconic destinations as our consumers have a stronger connection with where they’ve been.

What has been your biggest challenge in fashion design and how have you overcome it?

Jordy: Being two young lads with marketing degrees stepping into the world of fashion, we lacked any education in good old fashion dress making. Our biggest challenge we faced was how we want the shorts made, from the measurements, the way they were sewed, how big we wanted the pockets the length of the shorts…the list goes on. We overcame this obstacle with lots of research and trial and error!

If you could dress anyone in Vacay Swimwear, who would it be?

Corey: It would definitely have to be David Beckham or Cristiano Ronaldo. These guys are the pinnacle of class and have a sense of style that can’t be imitated. Every girl wants to be with them and every guy wants to be them. This is definitely the Vacay man!

Where do you go to recharge your design drive?

Jordy: Having a strong love for travel, our design recharge comes from either visiting different cities and islands, when we’re thinking of ways we can incorporate this destination into a pair of shorts

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