Weight-Loss Warriors

For 20 years, Felicity Cohen and her team of health professionals at WeightLoss Solutions Australia (WLSA) have pioneered a holistic approach to supporting clients on their path to well-being. As Felicity explains “Weight-Loss or Bariatric Surgery is more than a medical procedure. It’s about addressing chronic disease and making
the commitment to transform your life, turning your life around in in doing so, avoiding a range of illnesses.

Morbid obesity is known significantly increase the risk of 12 known cancers, Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, heart attacks and many more medical comorbidities. “Our team extends beyond bariatric surgeons to dietitians, psychologists, nurses and support staff to assist patients on their weight-loss journey.
We also offer lifestyle modification programs inclusive of mindfulness and meditation, or learning how to standup paddleboard and how to cook delicious food post-surgery. It’s a multifaceted approach to health.” As well as reducing a patient’s risks of contracting life-threatening illnesses, bariatric surgery reduces the strain on the health system, effectively saving the Government many millions of dollars.

“As a private business addressing the chronic disease of obesity, we are very proud of our patient community’s successes, and of our contribution to alleviating the burden on the health system.” The next major innovation for WLSA is the introduction of the podcast “Wellness Warriors”, which will draw on the experiences and personal
stories that have impacted Felicity and her business over the past two decades.

“We have so many amazing stories from the patients, allied health professionals and others and those aligned to our vision of creating better health outcomes for all people,” says Felicity. “I have interviewed many of our former patients, some from 18 years ago, to share how their surgery changed their lives and influenced their
families and others around them. For many, it’s a multi-generational story with huge impact on children and grandchildren.

“One of our clients has had many years of success after having gastric band surgery 18 years ago. Medical devices have advanced  considerably since then, but many thousands of people enjoyed positive outcomes over many years from the band, including this client who did very well. “At 53, she climbed the Great Wall of China. She
undertook the 10km run at the Noosa Triathlon as part of the WLSA-sponsored team, running alongside her surgeon and anesthetist. The really compelling part is that her decision to transform her life has impacted her husband, children and grandchildren as well – all of them making better choices about their own health and nutrition.”

Another former patient, who now works with Bravehearts the children’s charity, recounts his own journey from trauma and being overweight to making the commitment to transform his life. “He realised his health was at risk and he came to us. Today, he helps others every day through his genuine understanding of how stress, anxiety, trauma and mental health can impact on obesity.”

In another chapter, Felicity interviews celebrated Chef, Mark Normoyle who worked at the RACV Club in Melbourne for 16 years, among many other roles, and who is part of the WLSA team and provides cooking classes to patients. “Mark and I speak about food sustainability and which countries are making advances in reducing food waste. Australia is 20th in the world in terms of approach to food waste, whereas South Korea is really innovative. What can we do to improve our systems? Everything is tied into the well-being of our patient group.”

Investing in her belief that “better communication and engagement are crucial to best manage health and well-being”, Felicity has established the Weight-Loss Warriors Facebook forum. “I learn a tremendous amount from the community. It’s a significant resource. Especially at this time, when we’re all feeling uneasy and perhaps concerned about world events, connections and communication are vital.” The Weight-loss Warriors podcast is scheduled to start broadcasting in May.

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