Leather ZALIAH is the brand on everybody’s lips (and hips) this season and it’s helmed by a dynamic mother daughter duo, Tiarne and Monique Ettingshausen, who have
invested their passion for fashion and creative flair into the luxe Australian label.

As Tiarne explains: “There was a gap in the market, for high quality pieces that didn’t break the bank. We are all about quality over quantity, and we are not going to be seen everywhere and anywhere. We are exclusive, and we make sure quality control is on point.

“We understand these pieces are investments and we personally make sure that they will stand the test of time and be worth your money.”

Here, Tiarne sheds some light on the origin of the brand and what we can expect next.

What inspired you to start your own label? We found a niche in the market as we couldn’t find any leather pieces that were high quality, but still affordable for
the everyday woman. Everything was breaking the bank, and the leather quality wasn’t even great!

What does the name ‘ZALIAH’ mean? We just wanted something super unique, and we came up with ZALIAH! It has a cool edginess to it.

What is your background before starting Zaliah? I studied fashion business and design, and then went onto styling for Cosmo Mag for a few years. Monique was
in fashion retail owning her own retail store with her mum for 10 years.

What specialties/skills do you and your mum each bring to the brand? I like the customer service part of it and running the social media, and mum is great with
the designing elements and she’s also so great in sales. We both work hard and balance each other out.

What are the hallmarks of the brand? We are all about high quality pieces; quality over quantity for sure! Customer service is also one of our strong points.

What are some key pieces for spring we should invest in? A really great pair of linen shorts and a linen shirt. This way you can mix and match the two with
denim, layer up on those cooler nights, but also look effortless and transition into summer wearing them together. Linen on Linen is a must! You also can’t go
wrong with a simple Linen dress you can pop your leather jacket over, or wear on its own.

What’s your vision for Zaliah in the next few years? Focusing on our online store, and really mastering the website so it’s an easier shopping experience for our
customers worldwide. Adding in better quality images, measurements, videos, currency exchanges. Online, the world is your oyster!

The surname and business based in Cronulla are a give-away. Are you the great League legend, ET’s daughter? And did you inherit his sporting talent?  Yes, ET is my dad. I played tennis for most of my childhood and even attended distance
education from year 7 to 11 as I played tennis full time. It was a wild experience but I was injured too often to continue. Training six hours a day, you really learn to be motivated and determined which I feel has come across to our business.


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