We unveil the inspiration behind our favourite new lifestyle brand with Ziporah’s co-founder Carla

What market gap encouraged you to establish Ziporah Lifestyle?

The first “gap” we wanted to fill when we established Ziporah Lifestyle was for high-quality, fashion-forward and unique patterned towels. Everything was plaindyed in one or two colours only, or the traditional multi-coloured beach towel. No one was creating high-grade fashionable towels in unique patterns and colourways outside of a few high-fashion houses. Our product line just grew from there!

Tell us about your materials and manufacturing. How do you select the artisans you collaborate with?

Believe me when I say: we have boxes of ‘failed’ samples made by some manufacturers stored away. Invest your time and money into resourcing reliable and honest quality control agents when you manufacture any product overseas. Apart from the obvious hurdles such as language and time zones, a great manufacturing agent will take the time to understand your brand, ensure that your production checkpoints are met along the way, monitor the quality and precision of the product creation plus ensure that the final product is perfectly aligned to your design, quality intention and materials expectations.

It’s so important to establish a great working relationship with a valued manufacturer (when you find them!) Pay extra for production if need be as that old chestnut about price and quality still rings true every time. We do not endorse child workers, unfair wage or work conditions in any instance. It’s a non-negotiable for us and Ziporah Lifestyle believes in decent working conditions and the empowerment of all workers and their communities around the world.

We adore your opulent use of metals. Where does your love of gold stem from?

We have always adored gold (and other metallics) from waaaay back! The classic and eternal beauty of gold has always captured our imagination: the way it always works with any colour or design you give it, its long historical and classic allure, it’s permanency in any form, it’s exclusion from Trend-Cycles (it’s never ‘out’!). To us, it will always remain as a benchmark for luxury and value – the nightly news reports will still mention the value of Gold per ounce as a baseline for financial reporting!

We love your Vesta and Vulcan rugs. What inspired your designs and where can we use these in the home?

Vesta and Vulcan have almost created their own Cult status without even trying! Roanne and I were almost ‘obsessed’ with how the Romans coupled metal and metallics with colour, geometry and spiritual beliefs. Everything revolved and evolved around their Gods and the cycle of Life as they understood it. Our aim was to incorporate metallic thread floor rugs and bath mats into a design that was ‘typically’ Roman. That view of a never-ending and repeating cycle and geometry: you’ll notice that the Vesta and Vulcan rug design has no beginning and no end to it – it intertwines endlessly with and in itself. We created an ambitious design and then sourced a rug maker who could weave with metallic Lurex™ that they sourced directly from the Lurex™ manufacturer in the USA. These rugs were made to be used anywhere in the Home; not just the bathroom. They are not technically “bath mats” (smaller, light, cotton rectangular mats) in the way that we know them traditionally. Think more hybrid and multi-functional. Sure, they fit perfectly in the bathroom as absorbent mats to dry off on but many of our customers show them off as more permanent floor features in bedrooms, laundries, butlers pantries, entrance halls and powder rooms.

Where do you want to see Ziporah Lifestyle in five years?

We have started the process of creating new and intriguing lifestyle products: some of which will be available later 2018! We would like to see ourselves in five years as having a larger lifestyle product range, availability in more international stores outside Australia in order to promote and develop Australian brands, greater brand resource available to customer support: customers will always remain one of our key priorities and we never want to lose the personalised service we offer right now. The ability to source materials and manufacture products in Australia is a big one for us – five years is such a short time in many ways – and we have taken nearly four years to produce an exclusively-made product from Australia which is launching soon. Unfortunately, much manufacture in Australia has become rare.

What homewares trends should we shop this season?

Think brass and gold. Rich, earthy berry colours, more and more velvet, curved shapes everywhere. Muted pastels and colours; so, imagine the pastels and colours that you know and love and then tone them down a little. Bathrooms are looking to camo-green/muted olive for walls and matte metallic (especially gold and tiger bronze) for hard and tapware – these trends are both showing some serious style in bathing spaces in the coming two years! Do NOT worry! We are on to it.

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Carla’s dream Ziporah Lifestyle dinner party

I want to celebrate a dinner primarily with women I adore and whom I am inspired by at this exact point in time, but in NO WAY to exclude women or men whom I adore from previous decades.

1. Oprah Winfrey 2. Toni Morisson 3. Ruth Bader Ginsberg 4. Malala Yousafzai 5. Dr Alexandra Sexton-Oates 6. Oscar + Hugo Williams, Ava Hill-Bione, her sons and 11-year-old niece. 7. Kelly Wearstler